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Airflo Vents - Foundation Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Heating Ducts, Louvered Vents



Keeping Your Space Drier and Healthier


Tetral Industries produces a range of louvered vents to meet a wide variety of applications such as foundation ventilation, keeping your home dry, ventilating wall cavities and for air conditioning and heating ducts, to name just a few.


If you can’t see the vent you need, the chances are that we can get it for you. As well as the products we have listed below, we can supply brass and chrome finishes along with a range of alternative finishes and sizes. Talk to us about what you need.


All vents come supplied with zinc plated fastening screws although other methods of fastening can also be used. White and brown screws are powdercoated to match. For merchant ordering, please use the product codes listed.


The Airflo vent range is available from leading merchants. Call us today on 0800 838 725 for the name of your nearest supplier, or email us.


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